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Proposed Bylaws Amendment – Vote Passed

PCMA Capital Chapter Temporary Bylaws Amendment

PCMA Capital Chapter Temporary Bylaws Amendment Outcome

Thank you to all of the members who exercised their option to participate in the vote related to the temporary amendment on the by-laws allowing for the extension of terms of the current leadership through 2021. In compliance with the current bylaws requirement of 20% of the active members voting and a two-thirds approval of those voting, the amendment passed with 260 of the Chapters 1192 members voting, 250 voting in favor, 5 voting against, and 5 abstained.

We remain confident that under the circumstances we are facing as an industry due to COVID-19, this temporary amendment will provide the Chapter leadership continuity and stability as all of us in the business events industry work through the current situation’s challenges.

Again, our thanks to all who voted and to all of our volunteers who give generously of their time to the Chapter and the Industry.

See original amendment below:

Dear Fellow PCMA Capital Chapter Members,

After extensive internal discussion about the negative impact COVID-19 has had on the business events industry, including furloughed employees, loss of jobs and canceled meetings; it has been suggested that extending the terms of current leadership by one year would be in the best interest of the Chapter and its members to provide continuity and stability to the operations of the Chapter.

Based on COVID-19 and the impact on the business events industry, the current Board and Committee Leadership of the Chapter has not been able to engage and execute as typically would occur.¬† This has impacted individuals’ ability to make meaningful contributions as volunteers while also prohibiting the growth and training of future volunteer leaders. Our discussions have also considered the possibility that job loss and furloughs In the Capital Area may preclude many deserving members the opportunity to participate In the PCMA Capital Chapter and apply for leadership positions.

Aggressive estimates indicate that live events in the Capital Area will not begin to occur until late in the fall of 2020.  Conservative estimates are indicating that early 2021 as a more realistic timeline. While the current leadership terms run through December 31st, the reality is that, typically, the Chapter year ends in November during which time the transition in board and leadership positions take place.

As a result of several months of discussion and as current Chair of the Nominating Committee, and following the Chapter Bylaws, we are formally submitting to the membership of the Chapter a request for a temporary amendment to the Chapter Bylaws as follows:

Whereas the impact of COVID-19 has had a negative impact on the business events industry and dramatically impacted the activities of the PCMA Capital Chapter. Be it resolved that the By-Laws be temporarily amended to extend the terms of all current Board of Directors and Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs by one additional year.

Board Directors that are scheduled to end their term in 2020 shall serve one additional year, ending their term in 2021. Board Directors that are scheduled to end their term in 2021 shall serve one additional year, ending their term in 2022. Officers of the Executive Committee that are scheduled to end their term in 2020 shall serve one additional year, ending their term in 2021.

The normal nomination process for the Board of Directors and Committee Leadership shall resume in the summer of 2021 per existing Bylaws. This temporary amendment is meant to provide leadership continuity and stability at this time for the PCMA Capital Chapter.

Request for electronic vote shall begin the 30-day voting period on August 1st and will end on August 31st at 5:00pm (EDT).


Jim Kelley
PCMA Capital Chapter 2020 Nominating Committee Chairperson

The voting period is open from August 1 – August 31, 2020 in accordance with Article XIV, Section 1 of the Bylaws of the Capital Chapter of the Professional Convention Management Association.

*Please note: only eligible PCMA members can vote for bylaws changes. This excludes associates, emeritus, and students.




Bea TijerinaProposed Bylaws Amendment – Vote Passed