Community Service

THANK YOU Capital Chapter Volunteers for making a difference and a positive impact in the lives of others.”

Thank you all for making our Humane Rescue Alliance community service event a success!

We collected over 6 bags of treats, several blankets and 146 t-shirts total. Our on-site volunteers made about 40 dog toys that we were able to hand out when we toured the adoptable dogs and cats. $1,203 were raised via the online link (including donations that were collected at the Capital Chapter monthly educational events); this allowed us to sponsor 4 cats (Hattie May, Badger, Mellon, and Tee tee) and 4 dogs (Holtby, Sue, Stacy, and Silke).

A special thank you to those who volunteered on-site: Kim Allison, Jennifer Bond, Stefanie Brown, Erin Carter, Kristie Chang, Brian Chung, Mallory De la Rosa, Katelyn Diehl, Cheri Fairchild, Whitney Gafford, Mariana Gallo, Leslie Hastings, Matt Heck, Lauren Hyps, Denise Jackson, Gabby Jenifer, Vicki Johnson, Eric Kincaid, Stephen Longbottom, Karen MacFarland, Mary Manier, Caitlin Nicolson, Monica Robinson, Kim Sackett, Will Trokey, Jordan Vallerga, Allison Wachter, and Scott Warren.

Also a special thank you to those who donated via the online link: Jim Kelley, Diane Kovats, Marcus Eng, Boomer, Kathy McAdams, Moxie and Hodor, Winnie and Stella, C Phalen, Mrs. Jennifer Erney Mccurley, Beverly Johnson-Hampton, Josie, Mary Gallagher, Vicki Johnson on behalf of Peanut, Heather Buss, John Rubsamen, Rebecca Ramsey, In memory of the Haning fur babies who have passed and various PCMA Capital Chapter Member Donations.

You can learn more about the Humane Rescue Alliance here.

Please check back here soon for more details on our next volunteer opportunity at the Children’s Inn on Tuesday, September 25!

Rebecca SchingelCommunity Service