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Message from the President | January 2023

Mary Kreins | 2023 PCMA Capital Chapter President

Happy New Year!

With PCMA Convening Leaders behind us, we’re excited about the year ahead. The past few years have been challenging in our industry. Much like a roller coaster ride, we’ve faced many sharp turns, steep slopes, sudden changes and wild ups and downs. A few times we thought the ride was over, only to realize another change of gravity was coming our way. The Capital Chapter Committees are hard at work getting ready for a great 2023 and we invite you to join the ride!

Based on our membership survey, we’ll be focused on exceptional education and a rewarding member experience, and it all starts with our Standing Committees. The work there is what brings our chapter to life. And we want YOU to be a part of the experience.

Are you a social media influencer? A LinkedIn Lover? A Facebook Fiend? – We’ve got something for you!

Is career development your jam? Ready to give back to the Next Gen? – We’ve got something for you!

Do you relish in the details? Excited to impact change? – We’ve got something for you!

Ready to cultivate a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion? – We’ve got something for you!

As we kick off the year, consider joining us for the ride. Join a Committee today, visit our website and complete the 2023 PCMA Volunteer Interest Survey.


Mary Kreins

PCMA Capital Chapter President

nmbevangelistaMessage from the President | January 2023