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Why Advocate

Advocacy is any activity by an individual or group that aims to influence political, economic, social, and institutional decisions or systems. The activity can be anything from a conversation with another person, a letter writing, events, and rallies. Advocacy in all forms seeks to ensure that people have their voices heard on issues that are most important to them. This can be in your local community, your state, your job, your school, your country. Advocacy occurs at all places; it means taking an action.

Why is advocacy Important? According to Bridges 2 Your Success, there are 4 major components to advocacy.

  1. Advocacy helps to improve government services– the challenging of a system rather than an individual
  2. Holding elected officials accountable– draws attention to issues so that the public can make informed decisions.  Voting on Election Day or other local elections is the number one way to hold elected officials accountable.
  3. Mobilize communities– inclusion of others in the advocacy efforts in a way that they support the issue and move towards a common goal
  4. To give a voice to the voiceless– work to ensure that the needs of the individual you are advocating for are put first and decisions are made to meet a goal or help the individual

The Government Relations and Advocacy Committee is committed to the action of advocacy as we work to reignite the business and events industry due to the pandemic.  We will speak with our federal elected officials as part of Global Meetings Industry Day on April 7th. But we will also work within our own chapter and businesses and organizations to ensure that needs and services are being improved, and those who cannot or do not speak up, still have a voice.  

Robin Troutman | PCMA Capital Chapter Government Relations & Advocacy Chair
Dan Ketelsen | PCMA Capital Chapter Government Relations & Advocacy Co-Chair
Sandy Yi-Davis, MBA, DES | PCMA Capital Chapter Government Relations & Advocacy Co-Chair

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