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PCMA Capital Chapter Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

The PCMA Capital Chapter is committed to developing and continuing practices that will ensure
Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the organization by:

• Reflecting the diversity of the meetings industry community in its leadership, membership, committees, and task forces, as well as with its hiring and contracting practices.
• Encouraging open communication, differences of opinion among its diverse leadership, membership and volunteers, including but not limited to: all levels of position, industry, educational background, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, race and/or culture.
• Striving to create a culture of inclusion during chapter events, within committees and throughout leadership.
• Fostering mutual respect and dignity within and among the entire capital chapter membership.
• Planning educational programming and networking events that are representative of our membership and more diverse viewpoints while promoting principles of inclusion.
• Showcasing and promoting the diversity of our chapter at all in-person events in order to promote an inclusive environment. The ways to accomplish this include showing the chapter D&I mission statement, chapter leadership incorporating D&I into welcome remarks, diverse speakers, and diverse visual images in presentations.
• Evaluating the D&I Plan on an annual basis to ensure it is on track and adjusting the chapter’s focus if necessary. Evaluation metrics will be established for leadership, membership, events, committees and task forces.
• Adhering to the 2020 PCMA CC Code of Conduct, ensuring a safe and welcoming space for all that includes mutual respect and harassment-free conduct.


PCMA Capital Chapter Code of Conduct

Best Practices: Event Design

Best Practices: Leadership

Best Practices: Mentorship

Best Practices: Marketing & Communications

Best Practices: Safe Space

Jena VonderhaarPCMA Capital Chapter Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement