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2020 Call For Speakers

The PCMA Capital Chapter Leadership is introducing a new education and event model for 2020.  Reducing the quantity of educational gatherings to four (4) quarterly “Spark” style programs, allowing us to delve deeper into a topic, appeal to a broader demographic and skill levels, and create opportunities for meaningful exchanges for our members.

This year’s theme is “Unmissable”.  We are looking for fresh, innovative talks that will challenge us and spark actionable ideas for the attendees.  We have divided each event under different categories.

Each Spark program will have a keynote session and multiple breakout sessions.

Please note that a submission does not guarantee a speaking engagement at a Chapter event.  All speaker submissions will be reviewed and approved by the Professional Development Committee.

Suggest a potential speaker or submit a speaker form HERE.

Questions? Contact Danielle Foisy, Professional Development Committee Co-chair at [email protected]

Bea Tijerina2020 Call For Speakers