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Native American Heritage Month

When people think of November, they often think of the smell of crisp, changing leaves, the comforting feeling of drinking a pumpkin spice latte, and the joy of celebrating Thanksgiving with families and friends. Very few people remember or know that November is also the month for commemorating the sacrifices and important contributions of the first American people; myself included prior to writing this
article. That said, it’s never too late for us to learn and educate ourselves on the rich histories of the people who are an important and unique fabric of our society.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas:

Check out the upcoming events on the official Native American Heritage Month website. Invite a
friend or coworker to go with you!
Listen to a Native American podcast.
Read a book by a Native American or American Indian author.
Support a Native American-owned business (i.e. restaurant) near you!

My-Phuong Nguyen, MPA, CMP | PCMA Capital Chapter Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

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