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So, how are you…really?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The pandemic, now in its 15th month, has tested our mental and emotional balance, durability and stamina, and that of our loved ones and industry colleagues. Professional and lifestyle changes have altered and upended our sense of normalcy.

Are feelings of anxiety and depression common? What are the signs of more serious issues that we need to recognize? How do we help those we care about?

Reston Herndon Meeting Planners are hosting “So, how are you…really? Our Mental Health Check” on Wednesday, May 26th at 10am.

Join this insightful discussion with a mental health professional, Suzanne Robinson, Director of National Education Programs at the National Alliance on Mental Health and a prominent meetings industry leader, Vicki Johnson, CMP of Vicki Johnson & Associates, who will share essential knowledge and unique perspectives on the topic.

We’ll have an active Q&A period with the capability to receive your questions anonymously if desired.

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Jena VonderhaarSo, how are you…really?